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We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgment.

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Too many people have no Will, or a LPA, because they find these subjects too daunting, or too expensive, or both. More Than Wills want to change all of that.

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  • Every More Than Wills adviser has to undertake an intensive, technical training course.

  • Every More Than Wills adviser has to undergo "update" training as and when required, plus an annual knowledge review.

  • Every More Than Wills adviser must undertake a minimum of 35 hours each year of CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

  • Every Will is double checked by a trained professional for errors and technical content.

  • Every More Than Wills adviser will be expected to take (as a minimum) the STEP exam which is a level 6 qualification.

  • No legal talk! We use plain simple language and a friendly approach.

  • With us, it's always family first. Why would you want to protect other assets before protecting your family?

  • Competitive Prices. More Than Wills advisers know that good value results in referrals and this is reflected in the price.

  • Convenience. We come to you. All your estate planning needs without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Property Ownership

Many couples believe they own 50% of their property each, and so upon death want to leave their half to their partner in their Will. In fact, the majority of homes are actually owned as 'Joint Tenants', which effectively means each partner owns 100%. So when one partner dies the surviving partner automatically becomes the sole owner. That may sound okay at first, but it leaves you no choice to whom you leave your share in your Will, as your partner will automatically inherit the property.

Last Will and Testament

Many of us aren't very good at talking about death, so it's not surprising that over 70% of us risk leaving our nearest and dearest with a lot of hassle and confusion by not making a Will. Most of us, at some time in our lives consider putting their affairs in order, but we never quite manage it and no further action is taken. There are of course the normal excuses of 'we're too busy', or 'I don't plan on dying just yet!'

Will Trusts

Setting up Trusts within a Will can be extremely valuable in Estate Planning for a number of different reasons.

When it comes to protecting assets and controlling the distribution of your Estate, Trusts are essential and More Than Wills advisers can provide a variety of different solutions depending upon your objectives.

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